Tracking criminals would be difficult via 5G: Europol director

Zeeshan Baz

Zeeshan Baz has collected the information that:

After 5G took over the world, many of its drawbacks are coming to surface with the latest being pointed out by the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation, Europol.

According to the director of the agency Catherine De Bolle, revealed that European police forces will be unable to track criminals effectively over 5G mobile networks as it was missing tools that were present in 4G that enabled police forces to eavesdrop on criminal activity.

It was revealed further that police forces began the talk surrounding 5G a little too late to certify trailing capacities were well-kept.

She told Reuters that police officials possessing 4G networks was “one of the most important investigative tools that police officers and services have”.

“The area we are working in and the technological evolution we are dealing with – the innovation used by criminals, the web-based criminality – it is huge,” she went on to say.

On the other hand, mobile industry body GSMA begged to differ as they stated that criminals can still be traced through 5G devices.


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